About Us

The European Practitioners Network Against Antisemitism (EPNA) is a dynamic, people-centric, and community-driven collaborative alliance comprising organizations from across the European Union and beyond.

Our network offers a nurturing environment where members can collaborate, exchange ideas, and craft innovative strategies to combat antisemitism and racism. EPNA serves as a central hub for individuals actively involved in the fight against these forms of prejudice. We bring together professionals, experts, and advocates from diverse backgrounds, including antiracist organizations, Jewish institutions, memorial sites, and many others, to collectively address these challenges. Our operations are structured through specialized working groups, fostering intense collaboration and knowledge-sharing among members.

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Our Mission


EPNA offers a diverse array of European options for action with a strong commitment to inclusivity and a cross-cultural perspective on the subject.


EPNA transcends national boundaries, language differences, and individual motivations. We establish a transnational platform that constructs bridges precisely where they are most essential.


EPNA is an expanding network deeply dedicated to the core principles of the European Union. Our actions consistently reflect the ideals of mutual responsibility and support.


EPNA actively fosters the development of strategies and approaches through equitable engagement and a continual exchange of ideas within a European context, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Our Members

The European Practitioners Network Against Antisemitism is proud to have a diverse and dedicated membership of organizations united in the common goal of combating antisemitism and racism across Europe and beyond. Our members encompass a broad spectrum of expertise and backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of our collaborative efforts.

Our membership is a varied mix, featuring Jewish institutions, antiracist groups dedicated to combating discrimination, sports clubs, and memorial sites committed to preserving historical accuracy and resisting attempts to distort the past. Additionally, we welcome new organizations from various sectors, united by their shared commitment to our mission.





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Access the member area of the European Practitioners Network Against Antisemitism to connect with other members of the network, collaborate on combating antisemitism, and access and share resources for our united effort against antisemitism.

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