EPNA is deeply cognizant of the considerable stress placed upon those combatting antisemitism and racism in the current climate. Consequently, we have chosen to implement significant changes.

Microgrant Program Enhancements:

  • Introducing Swift-Response Grants: Many of you may already have plans in motion to address the current situation or have intentions to do so. To assist your efforts, we have allocated funding for these initiatives and have simplified the application process and grant evaluation criteria.
  • Funding cap: We have increased the funding cap to 10,000 Euros.
  • Application deadline: There is no fixed application deadline anymore, and we are committed to notifying grant recipients promptly. Please be aware that disbursement might experience some delays due to administrative procedures. Applications are currently open and welcome.
  • Redefinition of criteria: We have redefined the concept of collaboration within our program. Microgrants require events or projects to be organized through bilateral or multilateral collaboration between two or more network members. In an effort to enhance the inclusivity of our program, we are expanding our understanding of ‘collaboration.’ For example, hosting a panel discussion, lecture, or any other event by one EPNA member and inviting a speaker from another organization now qualifies as a form of cooperation, even if the organization the speaker works in is not part of the network yet. Through the cooperation, the organization becomes a network member of EPNA.

Bi-Weekly Check-Ins:

To ensure you stay updated and supported during these challenging times, we’ve increased the frequency of our check-ins. Join us for our bi-weekly sessions on November 9th, November 23rd, and December 21st. Your participation is entirely voluntary.

Register here for our upcoming check-in on November 9th. The deadline for registration is November 7th, 2023.